5 Reasons to Pick Fency Builders for Top Pillar Installation

Pillar Construction and Design

Adding pillars can make your place look better and be more solid. It’s key to choosing the right people for the job. Here’s why Fency Builders is a great choice for adding pillars:

Top Skills and Experience

  • Fency Builders has years of experience and knows a lot about building and design. This means we can handle any project, big or small, making sure it looks good and is strong.

All-in-One Service

  • We do more than just put up pillars. We’re here to assist you with all that from making plans and checking out your place, to picking the best stuff to utilize. We’ll stay with you from the very start the entire way to the end, ensuring everything goes without a hitch.

Best Materials

  • The materials we use are important for how long pillars last and how they look. We choose only the best, so your pillars are beautiful and durable, with little need for upkeep.

Custom Designs

Your home is unique, just like you. So, your pillars should be too! Whether you love the old-school look or something more modern, we make sure our work matches what you like.

Happy Customers

  • Making you happy is what we’re all about. We listen to what you need, always keep you updated, and we promise you’re going to love what we do in the end.

Why Adding Pillars to Your Place is a Great Idea

Thinking about adding something new to your home? Pillars could be a great choice! They’re not just pretty to look at; they offer a bunch of awesome benefits. Let’s dive into what makes pillars so great for your place.

They Make Your House Stronger:

Holding Up the Weight

Pillars are like strong friends who help you move your heavy furniture. They take on the weight of your house, making sure it’s evenly spread out. This is super important, especially if you live where earthquakes or big storms happen. It’s like giving your house a sturdy backbone.

Keeping Your House from Getting Wonky

Over time, houses can start to sink or lean a bit because of the ground moving. Pillars help stop this from happening, keeping your house standing straight and not getting all wonky.

They Make Your Outdoor Space More Enjoyable

Holding Up Outdoor Spaces

Pillars are super helpful because they can support parts of your house, like the roof over a patio or your outdoor hangout spot. This means you get a cool, shady place to chill out, even on sunny days.

Making Your Garden Look Fancy

They can also help make your garden or yard look fancy. You can have them hold up plants or use them to mark different areas of your garden. It’s a nice touch that makes your outdoor space special.

Better Lighting Outside

By adding lights to your pillars, you can make your garden or walkway look nice at night. Plus, it helps you see where you’re going and keeps things a bit safer.

So, adding pillars isn’t just about making your house look better (though they do that). They also make it stronger and more enjoyable to live in. If you’re thinking about it, pillars could be a cool addition to your home.


Choosing Fency Builders means you’re getting the best in skills, service, materials, custom work, and a promise of satisfaction. Make your place more beautiful and sturdy with our help. 


Q1: How are Fency Builders different?

A1: We stand out with our wide-ranging expertise, from design to putting up pillars, using the best materials, offering custom options, and always making sure our customers are happy.

Q2: Can I choose my pillar design with Fency Builders?

A2: Yes! We offer custom pillar services so you can get exactly what you want, matching your unique style and the look of your place.

Q3: Does Fency Builders guarantee their work?

A3: Absolutely. We’re all about making our customers happy, offering guarantees on quality, strength, and service.

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