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Metal Fences & Gates for  Unwavering Security & Timeless Beaut

Metal Fences And Gates: Your Next Security Solution

Ensuring security is always an important thing, and at Fency Builders, we specialize in providing sturdy and robust security solutions with metal fences and gates. Our professional craftsmen, skilled in precision welding and smooth metal work with years of experience ensure perfect metal fence installation tailored to your needs. In the modern era, both residential and commercial property owners seek the services of fencing contractors to install sturdy metal fences and gates that enhance their aesthetic appeal while also serving a functional purpose.

The cost of fences and installation depends upon the material used. Whether you prefer the sleek aesthetics of aluminum or the classic taste of wrought iron, we offer services that convert your dream designs into reality. At Fency Builders, we take pride in providing budget-friendly fence installation costs without compromising on quality by refining our processes and sourcing high-quality materials at competitive prices.

If you are on the lookout for a fence company to build your next project, Contact us now to schedule a meeting and learn how Fency Builders can secure your property with top-quality metal gates and fences.

Wood Fence & Gate Installation<

Enhancing Security with Wood Fence and Gate Installation

Find luxury and robust security at your doorstep with our Wood and Fence installation service. Our team of experts carefully incorporates wooden fences and gates customized to your style with the utmost artistry. No matter what your taste is! Whether you desire the warmth of rustic grains or the sleek finish of treated wood, our wood gate installation will enhance your property’s elegance. We go beyond conventional security, focusing on improving your property's visual allure. Our wood fence installation flawlessly mixes craftsmanship with visual aesthetics, converting your outdoor area into an interstellar space. We consider it our obligation to preserve your property by boosting the longevity and charm of your wooden structures through comprehensive installation services.

From selecting the material to choosing a top-notch style, our expertise converts your visualization into reality with high-class installation services. Your outdoor space will take on the form of a real thing, representing every fine detail. We are here to secure and preserve your property, so contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote. Opt for our wood fence and gate installation services to convert your property into an elegant and inviting space.

Block Wall Design and Installation

Elevate your Boundaries with Artistic Block Wall Installation

Our expertise lies in creating stunning outdoor spaces through our Block Wall Installation service. Find limitless options as we break the boundaries of conventional design. Carefully selected blocks construct walls that serve as an artistic masterpiece while maintaining a secure environment.

Each block wall we create is a personalized solution, perfectly tailored to highlight the unique character of your space. Our installations easily integrate into the existing architectural narrative, elevating the charm of your environment.

Along with our Block Wall Installation services, We also provide Block Wall Repair services that enhance the longevity of your walls. Our block walls provide structural support and alluring features that spotlight strength and elegance. Whether you prefer modern designs or timeless charm, our dedicated team is committed to bringing your vision to life.

Transform your space and enhance your security today with enduring block walls. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your project with our experienced team. Elevate your surroundings with the precision, durability, and artistic mastery that define our Block Wall Design, Installation, and Repair service. Contact us today to book your appointment and start your journey to experience construction transforming into an extraordinary art form.


Transform Your Home into a Masterpiece with Our Premium Exterior Painting Services

Make your home look amazing on the outside with Fency Builders! Your quest for “exterior painters near me” or “outdoor painters near me” ends with our experts in house painters in your area, who make your house colorful and lively. Our team goes beyond regular exterior house painting – we create a beautiful picture of your home. It’s like your home is a canvas, and we use the best paints to make it look fantastic.

Fency Builders is known for top-quality painting. We don’t just put on paint; we make an experience that shows off your style. Our painting makes your home look great and protects it from the weather.

Trust us to transform your home into a visually appealing home. Each stroke of the paintbrush tells a story of skill, hard work, and unmatched knowledge.

Change how your home looks on the outside with Fency Builders – we’re the best at premium exterior painting. Choose us for a masterpiece that stays beautiful forever.

Pillar Design & Installation

Modern Exterior Pillar Design & Installation

Elevate your environment with our extraordinary Pillar Design & Installation service! Our team crafts pillars that provide support and an alluring vibe, that add a special touch to your surroundings. Each pillar reflects your style and preferences, ensuring a unique, elegant result.

Imagine pillars that are both strong and graceful, turning them into standout features in your space. To make this happen, simply schedule an appointment with us. Our experts are excited to bring your vision to life by creating pillars that enhance the overall aesthetic of your environment. Let us collaborate to produce pillars with exquisite designs and flawless installation. Don't hesitate to contact us now to secure your appointment and witness the stunning transformation of your space with our well-crafted Pillar Design & Installation services.

Deck & Patio Cover Installation

Transform Your Outdoor Living with Precision Deck & Patio Cover Installation

Upgrade your outdoor area with our Precision Deck & Patio Cover Installation service. Our installations provide functionality with style, creating a beautiful space for enjoyment. Customized to your desires, our covers add a notion of creativity to your deck or patio, making your lifestyle more luxurious.

Feel the change in the air as our covers redefine your outdoor space, giving shelter in a relaxing environment. Whether you want a quiet spot or a cool place, our installations personalized your space to make it more nicer and enticing.

Turn your outdoor dreams into reality by setting up a time to talk with us about what you prefer, and let our seasoned experts help you through it. Avail benefits of a professionally installed Precision Deck & Patio Cover that makes your life better and adds value to your home. Get in touch today to set your meeting and make your outdoor space better.

Garage Door Installation

Your Go-to Garage Door Installation and Repairs Services

Upgrade your garage door with our exceptional garage door installation services, creating entrances that provide top-notch security, while reflecting accuracy and style. Our installations prioritize functionality and offer alluring designs that elevate the aesthetics of your home, all while ensuring quiet and efficient operation.

To report any urgent issues, rely on our team of skilled professionals for exquisite garage door repair services. We are dedicated to ensuring optimal performance with elegance, to remove any security threat to your home.

Ready to give your garage a new look? Book an appointment today, or schedule a consultation with our skilled experts. Tell us your concerns and we will address them with high-class professionalism. We will provide you with valid solutions encompassing all your problems. Contact us now to book your appointment and experience the convenience, security, and style of our professional garage door installation & repair services.

Welding Repairs & Fabrication

Improve Your Home's Security and Style with Fency Builder's Automatic Gate Opener Installation Service

Convert your outdoor space into a safer and fancier area with Fency Builder's top-notch Automatic Gate Opener Installation service. Our high-tech system ensures convenience and safety to make your home more secure. Our installations demonstrate how good technology can be, whether it's a driveway gate opener, electric gate opener, or an auto gate opener – we've got you covered.

At Fency Builder, our skilled experts don't just install gate openers; they blend craftsmanship and technology to make the Automatic Gate Opener look great with your property. Our commitment goes beyond security – we want you to feel safe. Trust us to protect your property with style, efficiency, and dedication to your security needs. Choose Fency Builder for a future where security and innovation go hand in hand. Elevate your property's protection with our excellent Automatic Gate Opener Installation services. Make your home the safest with the best in the business.

Welding Repairs & Fabrication

The Art of Welding and Fabrication – How Fency Builders is Redefining the Industry With Excellence

Explore excellence with Fency Builders, your nearby welding service and fabrication expert. Our gifted welders are prepared to reclassify welding and fabrication, going beyond the standard thing. Enter a world where creativity and craftsmanship combine to produce amazing outcomes. Whether you are searching for “welding companies near me” or “welders near me”, trust Fency Builders. We ensure precise work in every weld, crafting timeless masterpieces.

Your projects deserve a narrative of excellence woven by our team. Elevate your expectations and experience with redefined welding metal fabrication or fabrication in welding. Trust Fency Builders to turn your visions into a lasting legacy of unmatched craftsmanship.Contact us today for welding service and fabrication excellence with Fency Builders. Let’s bring your extraordinary projects to life.

About us

Meet Fency Builders – your go-to place for professional Fence and Gate installation services in Los Angeles. We’re a family-owned business with years of experience, dedicated to delivering high-quality expertise using quality materials, all at competitive prices.

At Fency Builders, our primary goal is to add value to your property with precise Fence and Gates Installations. From discussing designs to incorporating installations, our seasoned experts ensure a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Ready to revamp your outdoor spaces? Consider our top-notch contemporary Deck & Patio Cover installations, that upgrade your outdoor spaces into luxurious landscapes. If you are on the hunt for secure and reliable access solutions for your garage, avail our Garage Door Services. And for those seeking precise Welding Repairs and Gate Openers, trust Fency Builders for cautious and lasting solutions.

As active community members, we’re eager to serve you. Contact Fency Builders for consultations or quotes, and let us redefine your expectations in fencing and gate installations. We’re here to serve you with style, security, and lasting quality.

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Choose Fency Builders for an unparalleled outdoor transformation. Our seasoned professionals specialize in fence and gate installations, block walls, pillar design, and deck installations. With a customer-centric approach, we prioritize transparent communication, ensuring your involvement at every step. We use top-tier materials, innovative techniques, and fair pricing, making quality outdoor enhancements accessible. As a local, family-owned business, we have a positive impact on this industry. Explore our proven track record in successful projects. Contact Fency Builders today for a commitment to excellence in redefining your outdoor spaces.

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Fency Builders make outdoor spaces look modern and aesthetically nice. We work very carefully and pay attention to small details, which make our services reliable and professional. We can turn a boring ordinary space into something that catches everyone’s attention. From fence installations to garage door services their seasoned experts add magic to everything. Fency Builders don’t just build things, they make people’s visualization come true by creating beautiful outdoor places with high functionality.

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Rima Joumblat
Rima Joumblat
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We love our new gates. The gates came out exactly what we envisioned for our newly renovated modern home. The gates are beautiful & provided the privacy we were looking for. Jonathan from Fency was very professional from beginning to end and was on top of the project. He kept us updated throughout the process. I highly recommend working with Jonathan from Fency.
Lisa Lippe
Lisa Lippe
Read More
Very happy to have found Fency!!!My husband and I contacted Fency to inquire about replacing the gates on our home. Jonathan was very courteous and professional when he came to our home to show us options, suggestions and discuss pricing.After we decided to hire Fency, Jonathan’s crew showed up promptly as scheduled to measure for the new gates and then to install them once they had been manufactured.With Jonathan's input, the gates came out even better than we thought, match and complement our home and they look fantastic!!Fency did a fabulous job and we would recommend them highly for anyone looking to add or replace gates or fencing on their home or other type of building.
Lisa Lippe
Lisa Lippe
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Fency did a wonderful job installing my sliding garage door. Looks great and gives me the security I want. They were able to modify the motor to be operated via my phone. Well done.
m hoit
m hoit
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We needed the lattice above our wall replaced - badly! It was in terrible shape. I wish I had a picture to show you of the "before"; I only have an "after" picture. It shows the beautiful result that Fency produced. Naturally, we obtained a couple of bids and Jonathan came out, sized up the job, and gave us a very competitive and fair price. His crew of 2 was fantastic - very knowledgeable and professional. They worked hard and long and did all that we asked of them (and it seemed that my wife was constantly adding something to the job). They had a positive attitude and demonstrated a great work ethic and attention to detail. They really went out of their way to please us. Based on the work done for us, there is no reason to believe they wouldn't do great work no matter what the job.I highly recommend Fency.
Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez
Read More
Good work. Our new fence and gate came out perfect. Working with this company was a good experience. Their pricing was competitive with other similar companies, but their professionalism and promptness is why we went with them. The fabrication and installation went smooth and fast. I would recommend Fency Garage Doors and Gates to anyone who needs this kind of work done.
Ash n Jenn
Ash n Jenn
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We had a fence fall down in the wind and Jonathan came out right away to access the situation. He gave me several options on how to fix it. He then came out a few days later and had it repaired quickly. Great customer service, prompt, gives clear guidelines on how the process works and does high quality work. I definitely recommend working with Fency.
Alex Juan
Alex Juan
Read More
Jonathan with Fency builders did a great job ,he walked us through the process of deciding on a design for our new gates . He kept as posted through the whole project and the installation was super smooth and fast ! Highly recommend!!!!

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Yes for sure! You can schedule a consultation by reaching out to our customer support team. They will ask about your availability and book a schedule that suits you well.

We have expertise in various outside projects, including fence installations, gate installations, deck construction, patio design, and many others.

Yes, we do. If by chance your fence or gate requires fixes or a full renewal, our accomplished experts will assess the issue and provide our repair services to guarantee the strength and usefulness of your ongoing fencing and gates.

Yes! We handle both residential and commercial clients. Regardless of the size or difficulty of the project, we have what it takes to convey first-class fencing and outdoor solutions to meet your particular requirements.

Fency Builders is dedicated to delivering high-quality craftsmanship, paying close attention to detail, and ensuring customer satisfaction. We utilize high-quality materials, employ experienced professionals, and aim for excellence in all projects. Our emphasis on personalized service and creative designs sets us apart in the fencing and outdoor industry.

Yes, we have a license for outdoor construction projects. We sharply observe industry guidelines and standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that your project is in capable hands.